Managed & Insourced Services Deliver Quality Output

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Managed Programs

  • Fully-integrated, holistic labor, production and management
  • Improve process efficiencies and reduce production costs
  • Deliver predictable results and costs through production-based pricing
  • Uncover ongoing cost reductions through lean assessments

Air Cargo Operations

  • Air cargo recruitment expertise provides access to the right talent
  • Effective management cuts costs, avoids risk and enhances operations
  • Complete labor, production and management guarantees output
  • Lean-based methodology drives continuous improvement

Courier & Delivery Services

  • Effective same-day delivery service staffing solution
  • End-to-end management of staffing, workers and results
  • Scalable solution supports evolving logistics operations
  • Targeted recruiting ensures we acquire best-fit talent


  • Gain competitive advantage with performance-based pricing
  • Pay for the result, not the labor hours with our outcome-based pricing models
  • Drive productivity and quality with pay-for-performance compensation

An Integrated Approach to Shifting Distribution

One of the world’s leading integrated supply chain logistics providers decided that a traditional temporary staffing solution was not a good fit for their new client’s operation. Staff Management | SMX’s deep domain expertise in the supply chain and logistics segment, as well as their dedicated onsite leadership, lead to managed service program success. Download the case study to learn how.


“In Staff Management | SMX, I saw the potential to mobilize a best-in-class solution that aligned well with our client's operational requirements combined with the responsiveness we need in a supplier.”
Leading Integrated Supply Chain Logistics Provider, National Director of Implementation, Managed Services Client

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