Recruiting Trends: Introducing the Modern Candidate

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Recruiters everywhere are becoming familiar with a new type of candidate in the talent pool. This candidate’s resume may look different than their counterparts. They might place value on aspects of the employment offer that may not have received a lot of attention in years past.

5 Last-Minute Tips to Avoid an Understaffed Workforce During Your Ramp Up

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Struggling to determine the number of employees you’ll need to get you through busy season? Or, do you know how many you need but just can’t find them? An understaffed or poorly planned workforce can have a significant impact on productivity and your bottom line. Overtime payroll can increase, employee motivation can decrease and quality may suffer.

Are Your Turnover Rates Hurting Your Cost Containment Strategy?

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High employee turnover rates can increase spend and lower productivity. To improve your cost containment strategy and create sustainable savings, start by using these three tactics to reduce turnover.

Why Should You Consider Direct Hire Support?

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Hiring a new employee involves a degree of uncertainty and risk. Carrying out this process internally amplifies that risk even more because of the extensive time, money and resources you need to allocate to it. Learn how partnering with a direct hire firm can benefit your organization.

Perils of the Talent Shortage – The Biggest Villain in Town! [Infographic]

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Experiencing a talent shortage? You're not alone. A third of employers say it's why they can't fill jobs. Check out our infographic for more details on the talent shortage and read how savvy employers are surviving the shortage.

Who Do You Hire When There’s No One Left?

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Over the next 13 years, 10,000 Baby Boomers are expected to retire each day. That's over 50 million people, and the following generations, Gen X and Millennials, are taking their positions in your workforce. These younger generations have different expectations for their employer and company culture and companies that don't adapt risk high turnover rates.